Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting Cultured

This evening I did something which I rarely do, but which I always enjoy. I went to listen to some classical music. More specifically, I went to hear the Armenian General Benevolent Union Sofia Chamber Orchestra perform with the Vasil Spasov Jazz Trio. Of course, I don’t have a musical bone in my body. Moreover, it’s difficult for me to pretend being cultured, and I find the pretentiousness that inevitably accompanies any performance of classical music rather amusing. But as I was sitting and enjoying the show, two thoughts jumped into my mind which I couldn’t shake. First and foremost, I thought how pleasing to the ear well played classical music is. I dare say it is the best of all music, and it will be a real shame if we ever lose it. Second, I couldn’t help but thinking about New Orleans and how much I love its smoke-filled jazz bars. A smirk filled my face as I lost myself in thoughts of fresh seafood, beignets, and hurricanes (the drink not the weather system). All thanks to the Armenian General Benevolent Union Sofia Chamber Orchestra.

Here’s a short clip from one of the songs.

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