Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Свински Грип

Given it snowed most of the day yesterday, I wasn’t too surprised to learn today that school was going to be closed. What was surprising was that the announcement came after we had taught all of our classes and returned home for the day. And school wasn’t being closed because of the weather. Instead, school was shutting down for a week because of the Свински Грип (“Svinski Grip” a/k/a Swine Flu). I wish I could say this news disappointed me, but I felt just like I did when I was a kid and I learned school was closed – I was ecstatic. I was even happier to learn that we wouldn’t have to make up the time during the summer. Noting my general disobedience and love of simple things – such as dogs and ice cream – a friend here recently called me the world’s oldest three year old. Maybe he’s right, but I’m not sure it’s such a bad thing.

This is our classroom. It will remain empty until next week thanks to the Свински Грип.

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  1. That comment was a spam, wasn't it?
    Well, свински грип... So, what about our advanced English class tomorrow? Is it closed for a week too?