Monday, February 15, 2010

Peeing in the Sink

The other night, a couple of us went to see some friends perform at a gig in Sofia. The show was good enough that my friend asked me if the band we went to see – Black Hole – was going to open for AC/DC when they play here in a couple months. But, enough about the show. The real highlight was the bathroom issues I had.

After a long walk to the very swanky club where the show took place, I headed straight for the toilet. In front of the clearly marked restrooms was a large foyer-type open area with numerous well-appointed sinks. The ladies’ room was on the left, and the men’s room was on the right. Perfectly sober, I made my way to the men’s room, entered, saw three urinals, picked one, unzipped, took care of business, zipped up, and headed out. In the foyer-type area, I stopped at one of the sinks and washed up, and then joined my friend inside.

When the band went to intermission, I headed back to the restroom to relieve myself again. I again chose one of the urinals immediately inside the door. As I was standing there doing my thing, two guys came in, bypassed the other two urinals, and headed deeper into the restroom. Two things struck me as strange: first, that the guys weren’t using the urinals; and second, that, whenever the door opened, the girls washing up and checking their look in the mirror had a straight shot into the men's room and could see me peeing. Anyway, as I continued about my business, I started looking around. Among other things, I noticed there was a towel rack and a roll of paper towels next to each urin…oh, crap these aren’t urinals, they are sinks! Too late to do anything about it, I just finished up and left the restroom hoping the guys who had come in had somehow been oblivious to my idiocy (in my defense, the sinks and urinals were the same basic shape and size and at the same height ... the only real difference was the motion sensors).

After the show, my friend and I headed back to the restroom one last time. We entered, and what did he do? He stepped up to one of the sinks and started to unzip. Luckily, I was there to save him from making the same mistake I had made. After telling him what I had done, he couldn’t stop laughing. He was still laughing about it the next day. So was I. But I can only imagine what the Bulgarians were thinking about the strange guy who was peeing in the sink.


  1. This tops our peanut chilli story!!!!!

  2. hahahahah,so now I won't stop laughing for few days ;)