Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Чипровци (Chiprovtsi)

Someone wrote a long time ago that we travel to do things we take for granted and never do at home. There is some truth in this statement, but when I travel I generally do the same things or types of things I do back home. I know how I like to spend my time, and I prefer to spend my time doing things I enjoy rather than wasting it doing things I don’t.

This past weekend, however, I did something I had never done and probably would never do back home. I attended a carpet weaving demonstration.

Nestled in a small valley a little more than a stone’s throw from Serbia, Чипровци (Chiprovtsi) is world famous, at least among collectors, for its carpets. Since learning of these carpets and the local weavers who still make them, I’d been curious about both the process and the final product.

The carpets are nothing short of amazing, and the process is quite interesting. Unfortunately, as I should have known from failed experiences with latch hook as a kid, my lack of skill and patience precludes me from ever becoming a carpet weaver. Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile foray and I’m glad I experienced it.

The town. The ridge on top of the mountains in the background is the Serbian border.

Chiprovtsi carpets.

Getting a demonstration.

Time to weave.

We woke up to a dusting of snow the next day.

And then the goats took over the town.


  1. I must go there one day. is there only a museum or sthg or U can buy carpets there?

  2. Carpets can be purchased at the visitor information center (first photo of the carpets) or directly from the weavers, at least some of whom run guest houses and offer carpet weaving demonstrations.

  3. Do you happen to know what places exactly, seems like a great way to get tapped in into the culture