Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Бургас (Bourgas)

Using Бургас (Bourgas or Burgas) as a base, I spent four days exploring the Black Sea coast. It was perhaps the most enjoyable four days I’ve spent in Bulgaria.

Nothing about Bourgas is particularly special or worthy of visiting independently. The wide pedestrianized center, featuring cozy cafes and store after store of items beyond the means of most Bulgarians, is extremely popular and a great place for people watching. On a par for people watching is the equally popular city park running parallel to the beach. But those are probably Bourgas’ strongest selling points. There are undoubtedly places within Bulgaria with better beaches, restaurants, and nightlife. Places with more interesting histories, museums, and architecture. More scenic places. If anything, Bourgas is remarkable only for being utterly unremarkable. But the people are laid back and friendly, and Bourgas serves as a great jumping off point for nearby places of interest. In that regard, Bourgas reminded me of Houston. And maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much.

The beach at Bourgas.

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