Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Седемте рилски езера (Seven Rila Lakes)

A couple weeks ago, I ticked off another place I’d wanted to visit for some time – Седемте рилски езера (Seven Rila Lakes). We had perfect weather, and the entire time we were there the place was screaming at me, “What the hell took you so long to get here?” It was an exceptional two days. We hiked along mountain streams and through pine forests and alpine meadows to cascading waterfalls and shimmering glacial lakes. Inspiring. Humbling. Exceptional.


  1. I'm so bummed I missed this one... but Camp GLOW was calling! Your pictures are great!

  2. Прекрасни фотоси! За съжаление не съм стигнала все още до Езерата, но благодарение на твоя пост отидох, макар и за малко. Благодаря!

  3. За нищо. Благодаря Ви много.