Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Closer Look at Sofia

Over a year ago, I wrote a short piece about Sofia. I've come to know Sofia better since then, but I have nothing more insightful to add. At some point, I'll post more photos from Sofia but to better understand the history of the city and of Bulgaria, watch this promotional video. The host is a bit insufferable at times, it is essentially a paid advertisement, and not everything is accurate (check on the elevations of Mount Olympus and Mount Vitosha), but the video reinforces much of what I had written about Sofia - things which most folks, Bulgarians included, are unaware.

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  1. Hi Brian

    I have Mike and Jerry, from Srebarna, sitting in my kitchen in London tonight and Mike just told me it's your birthday. So I just thought I would come and wish you a happy one and many more of them.

    Cheers Fred.