Saturday, February 18, 2012

Боженци (Bozhentsi)

A while back, I spent a couple hours wandering around the village of Боженци (Bozhentsi). The place has an interesting history, and all of the buildings are from or are consistent with the Bulgarian National Revival. It's an extremely touristy place which I'd want no part of during the tourist season. Fortunately, we visited in the dead of winter, and encountered only a handful of other tourists. If you want to experience Боженци at its best, that's when I'd advise visiting. Bring a lover, a good book, cozy up next to the fire, enjoy the offerings from one of the many механи (taverns), and drift away into yesteryear.

Here are some shots from around the village.


  1. It still looks ... cold. Let's see a photo of the fire. ;-)

  2. It's definitely still cold, but it should be slightly above freezing the next several days.