Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Sucks

Last week, we got a lot of snow. It was beautiful, and I had a lot of fun. Now, it's just cold. Actually, it's still really beautiful, but it's difficult to appreciate given how cold it is. Things have gotten worse than this, and I look worse than this. Record low temperatures are the norm. My pipes are frozen, and no matter how many layers of insulated socks, long-underwear, and fleece I put on, and no matter how many wool blankets I climb under, I can't escape the chill. But I'll survive. And this is the last winter I'll ever spend in a cold weather place. Life is too short, and it's just better in sandals (or barefoot).

We have three dogs. Karolina is my guard dog.

No Name is a dog we rescued from a kid with a pitbull.

Pupa is my girl. However much fun she was having, I was having more.

The heavy snow and cold weather has brought interesting birds into the yard. A European Robin has been in picking berries, and a Wren has been picking up scraps. Both are common species, but I don't recall having seen either in the yard before. I know this is the first Fieldfare I've seen in the yard (again, Fieldfares are common in winter in Bulgaria). It's taken up residence in the apple tree, feasting on the leftover apples.

This was too amusing not to share. A California Sun delivery van snowed in in Bulgaria.


  1. So this means you're not wearing your Chacos? Do you still have your foot tan line??

  2. Funny, Val. Soon enough, my only footwear will be Chacos ... but I won't have a tan line because I'll be barefoot most of the time.

  3. Great photos of the snow, Brian. Almost makes me wish I were there. Almost. Instead of here in sunny Texas where it's expected to be 71 degrees today. Oh, and we heard from your cousin John this morning. He's on the beach on Phuket island in Thailand. He says he's going elephant tracking today. Enjoy the snow. ;-)

  4. I am jealous... living in Wisconsin, and it is in the 40s. I want the snow!

  5. I'm seriouslely thinking of moving around the're right - life is too short to wear boots 5 months per year!