Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Бойчиновци (Boychinovtsi) - Chapter 4

A couple posts back, I mentioned a machine shop. I could have just as easily called it a working history museum and that probably would have been more accurate. Located between some rabbit pens and a chicken coop, the machine shop consists of spare parts and miscellaneous tools from a bygone era. Even being the least mechanically-inclined man on the planet I found the shop fascinating, especially when I got to watch my host father in action making cartwheels, horseshoes, and various and sundry other things. Sadly, as in other places, this is a dying art in Bulgaria. My host father, Stoil, could well be part of the last generation of Bulgarian master craftsmen.

Stoil showing off parts of a cartwheel he had just cut.

Measuring things up the old-fashioned way.

Cutting wood for a new cartwheel.

Using more modern equipment.

This machine is used to make feed for the goats, rabbits, and chickens.

A wide-angle view of part of the shop.

A few of the other machines.

A different view of the shop showing a cage with various spare parts.


  1. Brian, do they have electricity, or maybe run from generators? I thought I saw a power tool that looked like it plugged in.