Thursday, August 6, 2009

Клисурски манастир (Klisurski Monastery)

We were lucky in Boychinovtsi. The principal at the school where we taught was beyond decent. One of the unexpected and most appreciated perks of training at the school was being able to go on excursions (i.e. field trips) with some of the students and full-time teachers. One such excursion took us to Клисурски манастир (Klisurski Monastery). Located between Varshets and Berkovitsa, Klisurski is one of more than one-hundred monasteries shown on the Bulgaria tourist map. You can find plenty of information about Klisurski and the other monasteries online, and I won’t regurgitate that information here. Suffice it to say, the monasteries played a vital role in preserving Bulgarian culture during the Ottoman occupation of Bulgaria. Due to their secluded and difficult to reach locations, many of the monasteries were spared from destruction. Klisurski wasn’t among these, however, and, after being destroyed repeatedly by the Ottomans, it was reconstructed in 1869 and officially consecrated in 1891. Here are some photos of how it looks today.

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