Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Passing Through

I tried to show my brother and his wife as much of Bulgaria as I could within a condensed timeframe without wearing them out. Part of seeing and experiencing Bulgaria is taking a cross-country train ride. On such rides, Bulgaria’s beauty abounds. Away from the yards in towns and villages, Bulgaria is a country without fences. Bulgaria’s open spaces are home to shepherds and their flocks and to wild poppy, rapeseed, and other wildflowers. The backdrop for these fields is red-shingled villages and unspoiled mountains. From a distance, it all appears idyllic. Of course, some things look better just passing through.

While someone was enjoying seeing rural Bulgaria, with its shepherds, goat herders, sheep, goats, horsecarts, donkey carts, and fields upon fields of yellow, purple, red, and various shades of green ...

someone else was busy watching the backsides of his eyelids.

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