Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Senior Ball

My guests’ indoctrination into Bulgarian culture began with a night of partying with the seniors at their ball. A senior ball in Bulgaria is not unlike a senior prom in America. Most of the kids are drunk, the clothes are ridiculously gaudy, the music is bad and the dancing worse, but almost everyone seems to have a good time. The major differences are that the kids can all drink legally (the drinking age is 18) and the ball takes place after the seniors finish school (seniors here finish in early May while the other high school students don’t finish until June 30th).

The 25 or so seniors and a few of the teachers from school.

These two were voted the equivalent of king and queen.

Of course, there were the court jesters.

There was plenty of horo.

But this guy provided most of the entertainment early in the evening.

Then the rakia started working it's magic, and he had some competition.

Actually, it wasn't really much of a competition. Somebody obviously needs to get out more.

But, at the end of the night, just as it is back home, it was bittersweet seeing the seniors all come together for one final dance.

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  1. Yeah...deffinitely there is a big difference between the small city and big one,between the small school and the big one and between 10 years and now. There was no so much bad music then...