Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recipe #11: Таратор (Tarator)

It’s hot in Bulgaria. Really hot. For the past several days it’s been pushing 100º F. That means it’s time for таратор (tarator). The first time I saw tarator, I thought maybe it was a chowder or cream of potato soup. Not even close. Imagine my surprise when the first spoonful revealed three of my least favorite tastes – cucumber, sour milk, and dill – in a cold soup. I nearly gagged. But a funny thing happened. I finished the first spoonful and had another. Then I finished the bowl and got another. And I haven’t stopped eating the stuff since. It’s especially refreshing on hot days, and it’s incredibly easy to make. This is a recipe which yields 3-4 servings.


400 grams of plain yogurt
1 large cucumber – skinned and grated
3 cloves garlic – grated
2 tablespoons sunflower oil
2 tablespoons fresh dill – finely chopped
cold water

Mix the yogurt thoroughly. Add the cucumber, garlic, and oil and mix together. Dilute with cold water and stir to desired thickness (I typically use equal parts yogurt and water). Salt to taste. Sprinkle with dill (most recipes also call for ground walnuts, but I have yet to be served tarator with walnuts).


  1. My husband and I got to visit Valerie in May and I had my first taste of Tarator. You're right, that taste grows on you fast! I decided it's my new favorite. So glad you take the time to share recipes, and by the way, you and your camera are a great team! The pictures in your recent posts are beautiful...the butterfly shots, particularly! Enjoy your time in that incredible setting...this next year will go quickly.

  2. Thanks, Vicki. Glad you were able to visit and experience some of what we are experiencing.