Saturday, June 5, 2010


Last week, I had my first visitors from back home. My little brother (in age if not girth) and his wife made their way across the pond to pay me a visit. This was cool not only because I was able to spend time with them, but because I was able to introduce them in a personal way to Bulgaria – a place which never would have made their radar screen but for me serving here as a Peace Corps volunteer. One day was lost thanks to Wizzair’s ineptitude, and a second one was lost following a first round knockout delivered by rakia. But, even though I had some teaching to do, and my brother and his wife each require a minimum of fourteen hours of sleep per day, exclusive of naps, they saw and experienced quite a bit. I can only hope they enjoyed their time in Bulgaria as much as I enjoyed having them here.

The happy couple in the Rila Mountains.

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